Most of this book is a firsthand accounting of the reconstitution and development of the modern country of Israel, a nation established to give world Jewry a protected safe haven from global anti-Semitism and persecution.

Beginning with the ethnogenesis of the Hebrews in antiquity, the material traces their evolution as Israelites, Judahites, and Jews, their establishment as a people in Canaan, and their fight for survival in the face of regional and external empires, culminating in their eviction from the Land of Israel by the Romans. The next section traces the two-thousand-year Jewish Diaspora and European persecutions, culminating in their reconstitution in Palestine as the nation of Israel in the twentieth century. The final section is a firsthand chronicle of the Arab-Israeli Wars; ongoing conflicts and subwars; the development of Israel’s modern society, its demographics, religions, language, education, social character, physical features, water concerns, social concerns, and government; the status of Jerusalem; and Israel’s economic miracle, trade, rapprochement with Arab countries, social services, infrastructure, housing, and new existential threats. It concludes with options for a peaceful Arab-Israeli dialogue.

The Israel Narrative will undoubtedly be an important single source for all students of the Jewish people, Israel, and the modern Middle East.
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