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William G Baker, a Near East expert, university professor, retired military intelligence officer, native Arabic and Hebrew linguist, and author, answers the following questions in this book:

• When and how was the Jewish Ethnogenesis?
• Who were the Hebrews, Judahites, and Israelites, and when did they  become Jews?
• Why were Jews persecuted throughout history and what was the Diaspora?
• By what legal international authority was modern Israel created?
• What  is the character of modern Israeli culture and society?
• What is the Arab-Israeli conflict and what were the Arab-Israeli wars?
• Who is Israel’s new existential threat?

Through the eyes and perspective of contemporary Israelis, the book examines the gathering of millions of Jews into a cohesive, new, contemporary Jewish-Israeli society and its development of a strong military, which has made Israel a regional superpower. It also explores the Palestinian narrative and objection to Israel’s creation.

This is the first single text that covers the historical span of the Hebrew-Israelite-Judahite-Jewish-Israeli narrative from its ethnogenesis in antiquity to its regenesis in modernity.